Smells Like Sushi Giveaway

Hiyo! Smells like Sushi is having a huge giveaway on her blog here: There are tons of cute prizes waiting to get a new home! Go now and enter in the Rafflecopter giveaway. It's totally easy and completely free.

Trinity Styles Giveaway!~

Trinity Styles is giving away a very cute Molang earphone jack in their giveaway! Go check out their site for cute asian clothing at great prices!

Modes4u GIANT Giveaway Time~

Modes4u is having a giant giveaway to celebrate having 30,000 Facebook Fans! There are going to be two winners. The first winner receives: Rilakkuma package: 1x Rilakkuma Skytree plushie 1x Rilakkuma Skytree mug 1x Rilakkuma Skytree sticker sheet 1x Rilakkuma store plastic bag The second winner receives: Hello Kitty package: 1x big Hello Kitty as Japanese Geisha handbag 1x Hello Kitty as strawberry squishy To enter this giveaway enter here~

Modes4u Giveaway on Super Cute Kawaii

Modes4u and Super Cute Kawaii are hosting a giveaway for Popin Cookin! Check out the giveaway here: Also check out Super Cute Kawaii! And modes4u!

Kawaii Giveaway with Bored Inc at Hawaii Kawaii

This massive giveaway will include kawaii products with a value of over $70 from kawaii shop Bored Inc. The prizes are as follows: A Friends Forever Plush Set, 2 Necklaces (Winner chooses designs), 2 Charms (Winner chooses designs), 2 Prints 5×7 (Winner chooses designs), 2 Coloring Books (1 Friends Forever & 1 Stinky Poo). All of these cute products will go to one super lucky winner. Go to to enter into the giveaway! Also, don't forget to check out Bored Inc shop here!
Hawaii Kawaii is hosting another giveaway on her blog! Check it out here: It's Ji Ji Kiki giving out the cutest things ever! Check out her store for more cute goodness! Check it out now now now!

Custom Decoden Giveaway at Hawaii Kawaii with Kawaii Kastle~

Hawaii Kawaii is sponsoring a giveaway from the lovely Kawaii Kastle! The prizes are a custom decoden piece from Kawaii Kastle's shop here: and the winner also get to choose one piece from the Kawaii Kastle shop to a maximum value of $15! So generous! To participate in this giveaway go here to the contest site at Hawaii Kawaii Good luck!